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I was born into a Methodist family and taken to church every Sunday from as early as I can remember. I was converted while on National Service with the Royal Air Force and became a Methodist minister in 1960, remaining one for 29 years before resigning in 1989 to pursue a ministry of healing under the name of Towards Wholeness.

Having now turned 80 I have decided to share something of my journey and things I have learnt along the way.

Colin Nowell


On January 3rd 1947, at the start of the coldest winter in living memory, I joined the RAF to begin my national service.  During this time I attended a Moral  Leadership Course run  by some chaplains. The conference centre in which it was held felt like the lap of luxury after the austerity of the billet!

As the week went on I began to feel increasingly hungry for God.  How could I find out whether or not God was real?  I could see that he was real for other people, especially my grandmother who lived with us, but I wanted to come to know him for myself.

I prayed with increasing fervour that if God was real he would make himself known in some way.  Eventually I came to the end of praying.  I could do no more and in desperation said ‘God, if you are there, here I am’.

The following day, during the Communion Service with which the course ended, I suddenly had an awareness of God being high and out of reach. At the same time I saw that Jesus had died to bridge the gulf separating me from Him.  It was not until then that I realized that I was a sinner needing a Saviour, that God loved me and that Jesus had died for me.

A few years later I became a Methodist minister and remained a minister for twenty-nine years before resigning in 1989 to pursue a ministry of prayer counselling.  Today I am a member of my local Methodist church.

dove-avatar2 Colin Nowell


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